This comprehensive guide is a good way for new players to become acquainted with NBA 2K19 and to understand all available game modes.
When starting a new game of any kind, it can be very difficult to first see what you want to do and where to start. NBA 2K19 is no exception because there are plenty of game modes, challenges and styles that you can try to test your skills.
Many people will have certain ideas about how they want to play the game, and which methods they want to use to prove that they are the best.

Where to start

To begin with, if you have never played an NBA 2K game, it is best to get acquainted with the controls and mechanics of the game. To do this, you can either play in a “Play Now” game and rumble, or go to practice mode. The practice mode can be found under different game modes, but the simplest is under dominance mode, where you can learn the basic controls and how to create plays.

Start game mode

The first game mode that I would say to get started is the MyTeam game mode. MyTeam lets you play with certain player cards and make teams of your choice of cards that you earn. This is beneficial because you start at the bottom of the scale and make your way up by playing better people.

You also learn how each player benefits in different ways. You learn which skills benefit that position, as well as how they can be combined to create frightening offenses or soul-limiting defenses.
And once you have the basics, you get access to better player cards, better teammates and you play against better players, making you grow exponentially.

Tips for start lineup and defenses

The basic principles are of the utmost importance for every beginner. As such, here are some simple tips for those who want to get better at both aggressive and defensive game.

For the worst, the most important thing to understand is that coverage can hamper your gameplay. Gone are the days of defenders who just randomly fly in your face and can randomly get a block. Timing is the key instead. Make sure you maximize the efficiency of your recordings by always finding the open player. The more open the player is, the greater the chance that his shot will come in, whether it is a 3pt shot or a drive through an open lane.

For defense, the most important thing is to understand how to defeat your opponent. Each player receives a man-to-man defense at the start of the defense phase. As such, it is your job, depending on who you choose, to defend your husband and not allow them to have open space. Also take your jumps and blocks into account. If you jump, or try to steal, and miss, you have now given your opponent a great chance to play because you have to recover from your unfortunate mistake.

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